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Illumination® Orange Tuberous Begonia / Proven Winners

Begonia Heat in Autumn

Illumination® OrangeTuberous Begonia by Proven Winners Click in the Gallery above for closer look! The Illumination Orange Begonia by Proven Winners that I found at a local Garden Center has been growing on my front porch since early June.    I’m loving the heat these summer favorites are putting off during these cool days of Autumn.   […]
Dendranthema 'Frost Igloo'

Fertilize Friday

A showcase of Chrysanthemums that I’m enjoying in my garden on Fertilize Friday.   If you click on the images above you will see a larger image with description.  I think my favorite this year is the daisy like mum with the yellow centers.  That bloom is just so ‘happy’.

Top 10 Must-Haves in my Midwest Garden

Yesterday I was recognized as one of the top10 garden Twitter users.  I love making new contacts on social media networking sites so this was a real treat to be ‘RT’ ( retweeted). To show my excitement for being noticed on this fun site I decided to do a Top 10 of my own. Sunflowers […]