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Growing Cardoon With Online Help

I bought these cardoon seeds two years ago and never added them to my garden. I think when I purchased them I may have mistaken them for my beloved annual ‘fireworks’.Gomphrena.Today as I sorted seeds preparing for spring sowing I came across them and decided to ask Twitter users if anyone had grown the Cardoon […]

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Happy #HouseplantAppreciationDay everyone. If you are like me growing up in the 70’s we had many houseplants throughout….

Let’s Talk Terrariums

While I was at the store this afternoon strolling through the houseplants and gawking over the new seeds for 2014 I came across some terrarium dishes. I couldn’t help but wonder about the process of putting one of these little plant conservatories together and would the plants actually grow being in a contained environment? Let’s […]

Cone-fections in the Garden

WOW…. in the garden center but I wasn’t sure where I would plant it so I took a photo of it with my cell phone. Of course as the season grew on I forget the name of this fantastic doubling bloom. NEVER FEAR … we have a community of amazing gardeners who share and connect […]
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Top 5 Twitter Users Who Inspired Me in 2014

My first tweet was on April 1, 2009. It’s been an amazing journey meeting fascinating people on that social platform daily. As we say goodbye to 2014 I want to do a quick shout out to ‘tweeps’ that have inspired me, made me think, and most of all made me smile. Mud Baron @Cocoxochitl I […]
carrot help

Whats Up With that Carrot?

I grew this carrot in my raised bed garden. What a surprise to pull it out and find it was different than the others. What did I do?  Is this a bad thing? Social Media Gardening Shared @BG_garden to much organic matter in your soil will cause multiple root growth. — matthew robinson (@matthewtheplant) December […]
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Why Do We Garden? #7

Every Tuesday I have something I like to refer to has the #gardenchat Hang-over. This happens after spending 1+ hours sharing with fellow gardeners on social media collecting tips and growing advice being shared by those who garden. When the event is over I just can’t wait to get out in the garden and start […]
Sunflower in Landscape

Successes and Failures in the Garden 2014

It’s Monday …  when I turned on my PC and started my Pandora playlist for background music as I worked the first song was Manic Monday. This weekend was our first hard frost in Ohio and I lost a few pretties outside but everything I wanted to save for next year or grow over the […]
A few of my favorite mums

New Chrysanthemums and a Growing Tip

Each  Autumn a few of my local garden centers carry a few new varieties of chrysanthemums.  It is so much fun to look at the spectacular show on display at the center and pick a few new ones to grow in my home garden. This month while looking for a tree to replace one we […]

Here Comes Autumn

There are eight more days until the first day of Autumn … someone please inform #mothernature

10 Sustainable Organic Gardening Tips

Earthworm Technologies  guest host on #gardenchat on Twitter Monday, July 21, 2014 and the buzz was all about Sustainable Organic Gardening .  Our friends at @EarthwormTec  picked this topic because they felt everyone could benefit from getting some gardening tips to not just help grow your own herb gardens, flower gardens, vegetables and fruits but to open your […]
Bren Sharing Harvest Today #selfie

It’s OK to #Selfie Share in Moderation

Being a photographer gives me an excuse to be the one hiding behind the lens of a camera.  I wouldn’t consider myself shy  but I’m constantly trying to build confidence to toot my own horn in person or online. The trendy of sharing #selfies has actually helped me be more confident at sharing a candid […]
PlantsMap Gardenchat Guest Host

PlantsMap : Growing a Community on #gardenchat June 30

On Monday #gardenchat ( Twitter Chat Forum) the Founders of are guest hosting the 1 hour event.   I’m really excited to have Bill and Tracy Blevins on #gardenchat to share about their amazing gardening social platform called PlantsMap.  I recently started my own documentation on Plants Map featuring my BGgarden .  Bill Blevins helped […]

#gardenchat Highlights : Best Advice Dad Has Given You About Gardening

Last week we had the honor of having Joe Lehnen who shares on Twitter at : @joetree415   as our guest host on #gardenchat Twitter chat forum.  Our topic was all about the best advice from Dad about gardening.  Joe was kind enough to share a few words with me about the role models in his life […]