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Tulips on Tuesday

20140513-232838.jpg For the past week the weather has been flirting with summer. With the temperatures near or just above 80 degrees the spring bulbs are taking a beating. Spring Heat Just before the heat kicks in…. The Candy Stripe Tulip opened up and started to drop in one day. The temperature was way above 80*f. Opening […]

Tulip Fest In My Home Garden Borders

Happy Spring When tulips begin to bloom it marks the beginning of spring to me – sorry daffodil fans!  We all know the daffodil can take a beating in snow and the last roars of winter but the tulip is a delicate beauty. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tulips for  #TulipTuesday . The Tulip Fosteriana […]

Wordless Wednesday (not!)

I know that Wednesdays’ in the BLOGGING community is usually a day where we share and image with no words but this one just screams at me! That is just me… thinking out of the box.  I hope you are enjoying this fabulous day in April.  It is sunny and 80* in Ohio.  What in […]