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Where the Orchids Grow

This year has been an amazing adventure for my network at I can’t imagine what the rest of 2011 has in store  after all that I’ve been able to participate in just a few short months.  I was recently selected to participate in the  Social Summit Blogger event hosted by Costa Farms who is […]

Book Winner and Road Trip

It has been an amazing New Year with all the fabulous guest host and participants on #gardenchat.    I’ve been able to find new ways to save all the growing information by saving a transcript and providing it for everyone to download.  If you are interested in checking out details on what is going on at […]

Dreaming of Spring with Cineraria

Cineraria  Senecio (Pericallis) x hybroida that are perfect for this part sun area only after all danger of frost as passed my zone 5 garden. Yes I really did ‘plant’ these out in my partial shade garden around the bird bath this snowing 39*f day in March.  HOWEVER,  this is not a recommend planting for […]
Costa Farms Orchid

Costa Farms : Orchids, Houseplants and Exciting News

I’ve never had so many houseplants living healthy in my home until after I came in contact with Melissa of Costa Farms. You all know I’m a very busy Mom who enjoys growing in our home greenhouse and sharing the images with the network hoping to inspire but I’m just as excited to share my […]