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Winter Garden

Fog Crystallized the Winter Garden

After a  week in the single digits and a few inches of snow the fog came and crystallized the garden by weeks end. The images in this blog post are from the morning walk I took around the garden as the sun heated up the branches of the trees and the wind that blew made […]
Daffs Heading Back to the Orchard

Spring Rain #gardenwalk

April showers … well you know! The rain storm brought many puddles to our Ohio garden.  It was much needed rain in our garden that was very dry for the month of April.  I’m sure if I checked the state records for rain fall we are under expectations.   With this in mind we are enjoying […]

I Saw an Angel in a Conifer Garden

On a beautiful autumn day I got to spend the day in one of the most inspiring gardens in Michigan.  Conifer expert and horticulture editor Ron Elardo gave my friend Maria and I a tour of his personal conifer garden as well as the Hidden Lake Gardens.  I share more about this visit on Conifers […]
My Favorite Conifer ....

Conifers for Christmas : Podcast Featuring Potted Conifer How-To’s

One of the freshest and uplifting scents in nature is that of the conifer; Any cone-bearing tree. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk in a wooded area loaded with evergreens and pines? I don’t remember the story of why trees like the Douglas Fir were picked as the ‘official’ Christmas tree but if I were to […]