Aphids via Sunshine?

Soap Day 3 of sunshine and the greenhouse temperatures up to 100*F. The vents are open and the fan is on in my little piece of heaven. Only look close…….. (Ekkkkk)  a bug and not the good kind of bug either.   The next thing I know I am spraying the greenhouse plants down with my soap, […]

Dead: but is it?

Forced / Cut Tulip Yes, I do believe most people would agree that this bloom is dead.  This morning I was challenged to look deeper finding myself asking ‘ Is it really dead?!” I attended the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show in Columbus themed ‘Art in Bloom’ and was inspired to be challenged in art.  ART is all […]

Fertilizer Friday

Fertizie Friday Share Happy Fertilizer Friday! Today I am going to share a quick tour of the greenhouse for Fertilizer Friday!  My Greenhouse Sister in Canada invites all bloggers to join in the fun each Friday! Check her site out at : Tootsie Time Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in […]

Potato Soup

Potato Soup This is an all time favorite recipe that I can create from memory.  My best dishes are created when I use what we have in the kitchen on hand.  Today I had a bag of fresh Idaho potatoes, bacon defrosting from the freezer box and some fresh parsley from the greenhouse. Potato Soup SERVES 4-6 […]

Swiss Chard Winter Soup

Swiss Chard I have always loved this soup on a cold winters day but even better now that I grow my own Swiss Chard in my garden.  This meal for 6 can be made for under $6 and cheaper yet if you grow your own Swiss Chard. Swiss Chard Winter Soup (Feeds a family of six in […]

Egg Carton Treasures

swiss chard The other day on my Facebook News Feed I noticed one of my favorite garden network  friends, Colleen Vanderlinden of In the Garden Online had asked her fans to share a blog post on recycling containers for planting seeds.  Many of my post from my previous blog came to mind but I want to share […]

Workshops at Toledo Botanical Garden

Lecture by TBG Matt Ross As if the Seed Swap held over at the Wildwood Metropark by the Toledo Grows organization was not enough garden fun for the weekend my dear friend Jeanette and I next found ourselves over at the Toledo Botanical Gardens this past Saturday.  I will admit that my expectations were low after filling my bag with […]

Seed Swap – Toledo Grows

Yarrow from Mamuee I must admit I’m STARTING to feel a little overwhelmed with all the garden events I have been a part of in the past two weeks and the lack of time I have to share all of the events with you. Please keep checking back to my blog because I promise to get all my […]

Capturing Childhood Memories To Bring To The Table

Zuke Muffin Some of my fondest childhood memories are usually from the Holidays or a fabulous dish that came from our Mothers’ kitchen.  Being able to create those memories is not as easy as opening an old cookbook.  It takes time and plenty of trail and error to capture that perfect dish.  Over the past 15 years […]

Festive Friday – Chicken Salsa Soup

Soup I always joke that I should live in the extreme south because I could eat Mexican cuisine any time of the day!   One of my favorite recipes is a spin off from a dear friend of mines Sopa Azteca that he serves in their Mexican restaurant.  I’m always sure to plant Tomatillo starters and HOT […]

Giving Away Art In Bloom

Central Ohio Home & Garden / ART in Bloom! You know I have been looking forward to the Central Ohio Home & Garden show since I first blogged about it back in December. It is no secret that I am a big  fan of supporting my states garden network as you look at my photos I share from local growers.   I am honored to […]

Honest Scrap Award – With A Tint

honest What is an Honest Scrap Award?  I’ve been told it really isn’t an ‘award’ but rather a ‘TAG” as in “TAG – you’re it!”  type of post.  To follow Rebecca Sweet of Gossip in the Gardens who ‘tagged’ me last week on Twitter  I’m going to share  10 things about me that I  normally wouldn’t […]

A Little Break From White

bordine2 On Presidents Day I found myself on another road trip only this time we heading North. The snow had stopped for the day but it was still a very cold 20*F in our neck of the woods.  Great day for a drive in search of some indoor fun!  We decided on a fun afternoon up […]

Bloom Day – From Cleveland H&G Show

Orchid in Cleveland I woke on this Bloom Day in February to find that my heater had turned off during the night in the greenhouse.  The temperature outside was a crisp 2*F and the greenhouse was at  25*F  when I awoke at 7 am.  Not to panic because from the looks of the house so far nothing major […]