canning project

Canning Tomatoes Part 1

It All Starts with a Seed In the early spring 2010 I shared with you some planting tips I learned online at some of my favorite websites. As the seasons turned from spring to summer I planted the tomatoes, enjoyed watching them grow, harvested for daily menu use and today I am going to share […]

Never Forgotten Flaunt on Friday

I find it hard to believe it is the end of the work week.  The weekdays flew by as it was  filled with new adventures from a far that  I’m anxious to share. When I returned to my garden in Ohio the first thing I did was enjoy the soil between my toes!  Nothing like […]

Friday Flaunt

Cosmos ‘Snowpuff’ : wonderful to find this blooming in my raised bed today. Forgive me for such a short post but I am on my way to Dallas, Texas to cover the GWA  Garden Writers Association presents the “Virtual Garden Tour” from Dallas .

And the Winner Is…….

Thank you everyone for making this another fun BGgarden Networking event! Note: if you want to find out more about Corona Tools or the 62nd Annual GWA Symposium or take a closer look at the SPIN BIN click on the highlighted links! I want to thank everyone once again for making this event extra fun! […]

I’m Celebrating Garden Networking!

I was ecstatic to find during my daily visit over to my Facebook site at the to find that I had hit 1,000 friends. The BGgarden Facebook page is where I share what is going on in my life of gardening following the same shares here on my blog. Now I know that it’s […]
Top of the Heap

Passion in the Harvest

I do believe that today I picked the last of my large harvest of tomatoes for Summer ’10.  My five gallon bucket was filled to the top with a collection of some of the best tomatoes I have ever grown.  The tomatoes that are have produced above and beyond my expectations include Pink Brandywine, Amish […]

Bug Help

Not sure if this is a butterfly or a moth but I do know it was enjoying my ivory lantana out in the greenhouse landscaping. Can you help?
Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake

Sinful Veggie: Chocolate Zucchini Cake

It is hard for me to imagine there is anything healthy in this yummy helping of Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake in the photo above. It is true, not only does it have eggs in the ingredients it has zucchini. Leave it to me to make it sinfully and loaded with calories! Growing what we eat […]

Wake Me up Raindrops

Raindrops – a rare treat in the garden this summer…. Woke up to the sound of raindrops on my bedroom window and it felt like Christmas morning. Unfortunately, it was only a little drizzle that was done before my first cup of coffee was complete. Variegated Morning Glory ‘Minibar Rose’ Amazing what a few raindrops […]
Roasted Pepper Hummus (fresh & easy)

Roasted Pepper Hummus (Fresh & Easy)

Calico Betty enjoys the shade as I take inventory of today’s harvest.The heat has returned to my neck of the woods after a week long of much cooler and less humid beautiful summer weather. We could sure use the rain even more so with humidity rising and the full sun beating down on the gardens. […]
This tropical bloom is lighting up my back deck just in time for Fertilize Friday.

Thank You Annie : Fertilize Friday

It is my busy time of the year being a Mommy who loves to harvest and preserve her veggie garden. As I was admiring that amazing tropical bloom I quickly realized that I needed to thank my dear friend Annie for her wonderful Haven Brew that she produces to help gardeners like me grow natural. […]