Mini-Gardening Finds

 On my recent visit to Hoens’ Greenhouse in Holland Ohio I was impressed with their selection and creative presentation of the current trend in mini-gardening.  Hoens’ gives Fairy Gardening a whole new meaning. Little cottages and little pathways for someone with a big heart for gardening. Wonderful selection to create the perfect Mini-Garden. You know […]

Spring Break

 Images taken at Black Diamond Nursery in Perryburg, Ohio It was a rainy cold Sunday when I shared this warm Spring break images. Spring Changes so quickly in Ohio – Trying to snap it as it blooms.  I hope you enjoyed this quick Spring Break!

Hoen’s Greenhouse far from suc-ky

 On a cool but very Midwest early spring Friday I headed up to one of my favorite greenhouses to be inspired.  Hoens’ Greenhouse was far from a disappointment when I walked into spring upon arrive to their location. The color choice for these succulents was far from unnoticed.  I love the selection and the trendy […]

Tomato Canning Day August 2007

 *Note that this is a blog entry from my first blog shared in August of 2007. Today was the day to do some old fashion ‘hot bath method’ canning. Not only did I have a full bushel of fresh tomatoes from my veggie garden, it was a cool breezy day in my neck of the […]

Flower Friday

Daisy Today is just a Gerber Daisy kind of day! I love using cut flowers in my home. The blooms you can find locally will bring a smile to your face all day long. This display happens to be in the only blue canning jar I have from my sweet Niece Jenny. When I look at […]

Stung by the Photo Garden Bee

 I first came in contact with ‘the Bee’ earlier this year when I stumbled upon her inspiring photography at her site ‘The Photo Garden BEE’. Thrilled to see that there was another girly out there touring the garden scene and sharing it on her blog  like I do.  You can imagine my surprise getting an […]

Tomato Seed Share

 I love it when my Garden Friends multitask by share their treasures and feed my addiction for collecting seeds! The video below is a quick demo on how to start tomato seeds with some tips I found on the Bayou Gardeners site. What did you think?  Please leave a short comment so I know someone […]

Bulbs, Jiffy, and Cajun Finds

more seeds Just another blessed day in early spring this Wednesday afternoon in the BGgarden as the birds sing and the garden starts to come alive.  The sun shining gives us temperatures above normal and the new seedlings were needing some tender loving care in the greenhouse. Today  I was in search of Jiffy containers to plant […]

Cream Alfredo : Spring Veggies Included

Alfredo Dish Rainy spring day here in the BGgarden.  The sun has not peaked out once today so I have not had to water the seedlings in the greenhouse.  What better way to warm the family then by baking a fresh loaf of Italian bread and mixing up some creamy Alfredo sauce with ingredients from my garden. […]

Chicago Flower&Garden Show where ART is ALIVE!

Chicagos' own American Girls I am going to do what I love to do the most : Share PHOTOS!  Just when I thought I would be able to collect my thoughts to share some words that best describe the Chicago Flower & Garden how 2010  I opened  my Picasa album.   I found myself back in comma from the […]

Who’s Playing Tricks On Me

Smarty Pants in the garden! Today on HGTVgardens Ask & Share Mallory shared thoughts on Watermelon. The mention of watermelon reminds me of the time my brother in law played a trick on me in the garden.  Watermelons are easy to grow .. but not that easy!  Below is an article I shared back in 2010. YES…. ‘WHO is playing […]

From My Potting Table

Hydrengea in the Rain During the Spring and Summer season I hope to share what wonderful products and blooms I am using in my garden 2010.  Today is the first day of spring am I am super excited to share this video with what I found today!

Out of Shock And Time To Share!

CFGS Best of Spring 2010 I am starting to come out of shock after last weekends trip to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show with my Garden Green Girly : @ShawnaCoronado . What an amazing show that took place in the Navy Pier in downtown Windy City. Winter has really put a damper on my gardening creative side.   I […]

Chorizo Wrap & Salsa

Chiroza Wrap My world has jumped from winter into spring and  I have been super busy working to keep my seedlings growing strong in the greenhouse.  With the busy days filled with garden work and the switch over to warm weather I am totally in the mood for some fun summer food.  Tonight I grabbed a few […]

LIVE … Almost!

Fullscreen capture 10282013 90217 AM Can’t View This? Click on my youtube Channel! Spring has SPRUNG in my neck of the woods so I’m running short on time to share online.   My solution is to keep it short and sweet by little (if any) video editing to share with you what is going on LIVE! It is all coming back […]