Out of the Box Autumn Containers

 Autumn is starting to put on its much anticipated  yearly color show in Ohio.  I must admit, I was a little worried with the dry  month of September  and the fact that we had lost so many leaves off of the mature trees.  Today I began to see the familiar signs of the season that […]

Pumpkin Bread Thursday

Autumn Pumpkin Bread Break The scent of Autumn from my Garden2Kitchen The temperatures are dropping in my neck of the woods and the trees are beginning to put on a color show that will warm your hearts.  The summer blooms are fading fast and the autumn splender is filling the containers. Today I share with you the beginning of […]

Lantana Pods

Lantana It has been almost a year since I’ve been totally into seeds.  I grew most of my annuals and veggies in the gardens this year from seeds.  The urge to seed shop is still a compulsion of mine and I have yet to pass a good seed display in the shops.  As the season changes […]

Tuesday Bloom from Limerick

Streets of Limerick One of the amazing things about taking a photograph is you can relive the experience anytime you like.  This morning in my neck of the woods we are getting a nice sprinkle after a very dry September. The drizzle rain reminds me of our trip to Ireland last December. (click on the Images to see […]

Passion for the Autumn Past

November Hydrengea Leaf : Rich Color Learning from the past in the garden is very important.  In fact, it is one of the reasons I started my ‘blogging’ career just two years ago.  Taking images of the garden and sharing that information from season to season not only helps me grow in my gardening experience it helps me know what works […]

Friday Flaunt Captures Stages

Fanfair Stages Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ Common name : Blanket Flower The Blanket Flower always puts on a fabulous show the first year in my garden.  The second year it is just a memory because I never have luck with this perennial returning to my garden.   The Gaillardia in the image above is in its’ second year so this […]

Images from the Equinox

Clouds Arrive I was getting a tad bit frustrated with the glare I was getting on my lens from the full moon. When I read that it was a the first full moon on autumn equinox in 20 years the glare didn’t seem so bad. Before giving up and turning in for the night, I headed back […]

Canning Tomatoes Part 1

canning project It All Starts with a Seed In the early spring 2010 I shared with you some planting tips I learned online at some of my favorite websites. As the seasons turned from spring to summer I planted the tomatoes, enjoyed watching them grow, harvested for daily menu use and today I am going to share […]

Never Forgotten Flaunt on Friday

 I find it hard to believe it is the end of the work week.  The weekdays flew by as it was  filled with new adventures from a far that  I’m anxious to share. When I returned to my garden in Ohio the first thing I did was enjoy the soil between my toes!  Nothing like […]

Friday Flaunt

 Cosmos ‘Snowpuff’ : wonderful to find this blooming in my raised bed today. Forgive me for such a short post but I am on my way to Dallas, Texas to cover the GWA  Garden Writers Association presents the “Virtual Garden Tour” from Dallas . Like this:Like Loading…

And the Winner Is…….

 Thank you everyone for making this another fun BGgarden Networking event! Note: if you want to find out more about Corona Tools or the 62nd Annual GWA Symposium or take a closer look at the SPIN BIN click on the highlighted links! I want to thank everyone once again for making this event extra fun! […]

I’m Celebrating Garden Networking!

 I was ecstatic to find during my daily visit over to my Facebook site at the BGgarden.com to find that I had hit 1,000 friends. The BGgarden Facebook page is where I share what is going on in my life of gardening following the same shares here on my blog. Now I know that it’s […]