Wordless Wednesday

BirdHouse I’m entering this photo in the #gardenchat contest. Be sure to click on the AD above to find out how you can enter. There are some fun garden presents under the tree to be given away next Monday!

How to Participate in #gardenchat on Twitter

 Over the past few months I’ve received numerous emails asking how to participate in #gardenchat on the Twitter network.  In this 4 minute video I share with you the basic steps on how to get connected with the 1,000’s of garden connections who use the Twitter network. Be sure to follow TheGardenChat on Twitter to […]

Red Bows for the Holiday Landscape

Greenhouse Landscape Project 1 Handmade Holiday Red Bows dress up the landscape and the Winter Garden. Check out my BGgardenLive channel on Youtube.com Easy and inexpensive – make your own red holiday bows. These bows are super easy to make and over a dozen large bows will cost you around .50cents each.  You will need to get a 50 […]

Dealing with Bare Plants in Winter

Holiday Greenhouse One of the most important  lessons I learned in my first year of growing year -round was that you have to have patience with the plants.   When most of the annuals that I want to winter over in the greenhouse are moved to their new environment they are dramatically cut back.  The first week of […]

Not Sure … Tweet On Over!

HolidayGiftad I’m super excited that we are wrapping up 2010  with  a wonderful line-up of garden folks who participate in #gardenchat.  This coming week we are honored to have  Teresa Soule who blogs for Garden Shoes Online as Guest Host.   Monday December 6, 2010 is the #gardenchat event you won’t want to miss if you are […]

Landscape Design Book that Keeps on Giving

Click on this image for more information about this book.   The small collection of books that never make it to the shelf in my office. Is there anyone who can say they don’t own a few good books that are hard to part with?  Coming from me, that is a major statement because I’m not a huge fan of just ‘whipping’ out a book […]

First Signs of Christmas

First Snow My desk is decorated with a wonderful greeting from Costa Farms.  Thank you dear Melissa for your kindness and sending me my first Christmas card of the season.  I’m adding this to my “Holiday Gift Idea for the Gardener‘ category because I think this would be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys some green […]

Lend a Vote and Help a Community

 Early Autumn of this year I had the privilege of photographing  a community garden located in Downtown Toledo, Ohio with Author Kate Copsey.  I have been to many community gardens during my gardening and photography career but there was something about this garden that truly inspired me.   It may have been the drive through my […]

Zinnia Dance

Green Envy My friend Arlena over at Garden Wise Living on Facebook is  having a Zinnia photo contest.  This maybe the toughest contest I have ever entered because   I’m a zinnia nut!!!  Have you noticed that I usually use a zinnia in my watermark for BGgarden.com?  Each year I grow over a dozen different zinnia varieties  […]

Day of Rest …..Is That Possible in Autumn?

 As the temperatures turn cooler and the time change takes place I find it hard to keep motivated and moving.  I really want to turn in as the sun does down before dinner time but it is impossible with all there is to do before old man winter arrives.  Am I alone when I say […]

Blooms Always Make A Smile

 Does an image of a bloom really need words to make you feel good? Happy Friday Come Rain, Shine or SNOW my Greenhouse sister who grows year-round up in Canada celebrates Fertilize Friday on her beautiful Home & Garden Blog.  Thank you Glenda for always supporting me with my greenhouse adventure.


 For the past two weeks I’ve been twittering with a few of the best  in the Tree Care Industry. I’ve had a few of my garden networking friends ask WHY  and question my wandering from the  gardening realm.  I knew attending a Tree Care Trade Show would be a far cry from the typical garden […]

Almost Made A Fab Bloom

 I can see what these may have looked like if Autumn would have waited just a more days. The bud that would have been a rose.  Something beautiful in the colors of Autumn even if the next shades are death. On a brighter note : the catnip is still kickin’! Happy Bloom Tuesday to you […]