Connecting People With Plants

Bill and Tracy Blevins They are the co: creators of the community for anyone interested in plants, gardens and green spaces. Meet Bill and Tracy Blevins of  Both are extremely active on social media sharing their passion for gardening.  I love following Tracy on Twitter because she is always sharing something new from the garden world.  Bill Blevins […]

Whats Up With that Carrot?

carrot help I grew this carrot in my raised bed garden. What a surprise to pull it out and find it was different than the others. What did I do?  Is this a bad thing? Social Media Gardening Shared @BG_garden to much organic matter in your soil will cause multiple root growth. — matthew robinson (@matthewtheplant) December […]

Napa and Nasturtium Recipe to Grow

napa cabbage One of my favorite images from the raised bed garden mainly because I can still taste the amazing salads we made with red romaine, napa cabbage and the bright orange Nasturtium blooms. Everything in this photo was grown from seed except for the napa cabbage that I bought as a start plant from a local garden […]

Why Do We Garden? #7

Fullscreen capture 1222014 111128 PM Every Tuesday I have something I like to refer to has the #gardenchat Hang-over. This happens after spending 1+ hours sharing with fellow gardeners on social media collecting tips and growing advice being shared by those who garden. When the event is over I just can’t wait to get out in the garden and start […]

Digging Deep with Fran Sorin: 10th Anniversary Edition Cyber Book Party and Giveaway

DiggingDeep-cover.jpg90114.jpg-pink-frame.jpg-535x800 Join in the #DIGGINGDEEPCYBERBOOKPARTY this week for your chance to win gardening products and a copy of Fran Sorins best seller ‘Digging Deep : Unearth Your Creative Roots Through Gardening ‘.During this event we celebrate the publication of Fran Sorin’s 10th Anniversary Edition Digging Deep, a personally engaging book that gets to the heart, soul and “why” […]

Manure Makers : Autumn Veggie Garden Update

IMG_7272.JPG Winter came early this year with our first snow fall on November 14. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I’m we were able to get the veggie garden covered with a few inches of manure from the neighbors horses.  Upon completion of spreading the manure I had to share an image on Social […]

Wild Turkey Sighting

Nikon Turkey Watch Just before sunset in early November I spotted something big fly up into the treeline close to my greenhouse in my Ohio backyard. At first I thought it might be one of the eagles that nest close by but as I looked closer the bird was much ‘fatter’ and its head was small. As I got about […]