Big Goodbye to Winter

 Zoomed in really didn’t do much for me until my critics tonight pointed out how cool it was to see the craters  and solar flares in the image. I’m more about what was going on in the garden as the large moon gleamed over the pond.  It was deathly quiet with only sounds of the […]

Is It Safe? Tackling Fear of Rose Pruning

 The day before spring officially starts is usually a super tease to what is to come.  Saturday was just that day as the weather was spring perfect leaving all us northern gardeners wanting more.  Time to bust out the rakes, shovels, and pruners to prepare for the real deal; or is it? The Last Winter […]

Suzi Streaming to Your Garden Live

 It is that busy time of year again for most of us Midwest folks who love to get growing outdoors.  Not that making my families surrounds more beautiful and growing plenty of healthy food to enjoy in the months to come isn’t keeping me busy enough I have to fit in my connection with other […]

Escape Chicken

 If it weren’t for a ‘chicken virus ‘ scare a few years back and the availability of chicks being effected in my area due to the scare,  I’m quit sure we would have had  fresh eggs being produced here in our garden.    I just remember the local chick provider stopped selling the baby chickens that […]

Get You Sowing Wednesday

Desktop9 Just one of those days where I felt a giveaway was in order. Anyone else sowing seeds this week? In this giveaway featured on #gardenchat live stream for Wednesday I’m giving away a few of my favorite things to sow.  There is a pack of #supersowsunday lettuce from Territorial Seed Company,  Butterfly Zinnias from Renee’s […]

I’m a Pepper… How About You?

peppers4 I’m all about the goodies featured in the image above. Recently, I was labeled as a Hot & Spicy pepper.  Not sure if I should have been blushing or giving a ‘high five’ so I’m going to embrace my true love for peppers and enjoy the moment. Each spring I enjoy local scavenger huts finding […]

Gumbo Midwest Style

 Not a fan of the vegetable okra or have you ran out of your stock from the summer harvest?  No worries, break out the green beans.   I used frozen green beans in this gumbo recipe  to make a dinner that warmed our home and got me to #gardenchat on time! Enjoy – and I would […]

Specific Plants ‘make’ the Design

 If you have property of any size it is definite that you will be or have been challenged by some landscape design challenges.  It isn’t common to move into a new home and have the perfect landscape or outdoor living space.  We all have individual goals and needs when living in the outdoors.   To achieve […]

Book Winner and Road Trip

 It has been an amazing New Year with all the fabulous guest host and participants on #gardenchat.    I’ve been able to find new ways to save all the growing information by saving a transcript and providing it for everyone to download.  If you are interested in checking out details on what is going on at […]

Yes You Can: All Year-Round!

 Some of my favorite images documenting  my veggie garden are the ones I capture during the harvest just before canning the fresh produce.  I’ve been canning using the hot bath method for over 15 years not to mention the years as a child helping my parents preserving some Midwest favorites like tomatoes and pickles.  It […]

Dreaming of Spring with Cineraria

 Cineraria  Senecio (Pericallis) x hybroida that are perfect for this part sun area only after all danger of frost as passed my zone 5 garden. Yes I really did ‘plant’ these out in my partial shade garden around the bird bath this snowing 39*f day in March.  HOWEVER,  this is not a recommend planting for […]

West Seattle Farmers Market

market2 Before heading up to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle on Sunday we were sure to make a  quick detour over to the  Neighborhood  Farmers Market over on the west side of town.   I was expecting the rain and not the brief  snow showers we were experiencing that morning.   The abnormal low temperatures […]

Orchids in Seattle

Orchid at the NWFGS It was hard to pick a favorite out of so many amazing blooms so I’m decided to do a slide show to share that you will find below from my Flickr account. I spent over 2 hours over at the Orchid display admiring the blooms and amazing at how healthy they were. I learned so […]