Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Green?

I can’t believe I’m sharing this snapshot – look at all those weeds!    The rain and cooler weather has been keeping me inside for most of the week.   Thanks to all the rain, the beds I had cleaned out are getting new growth as well as some new weeds popping up.   This image above is […]
May 19, 2011 6

What Happens When You Fail?

A guest post by author Michael Nolan I am honored to be the very first guest to share the writing stage on BGgarden with my good friend Bren and because of that, I took a great deal of time to think about the topic I wanted to discuss here.  I only hope that you will […]
May 18, 2011 12
Play Area for the Kiddos at Parran's in Ida, Michigan

Michigan Garden Center With Kids In Mind

I think the first thing I tweeted from this location was ‘BRILLIANT’! Last Friday my husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.   Staying close to home and enjoying some dream time visiting a garden center and a relaxing walk through a wildlife garden in Michigan made it the perfect Friday afternoon.   The perfect date […]
May 17, 2011 1
Collecting Rain and Social Networking

Eco-Friendly Make It Fit Your Bucket List?

It has been my mission to keep it green and as natural as possible in my home and garden and proud to say I’ve been completely green in my year-round  greenhouse for over a year.   Every  day is a learning experience with information I collect mostly online via Social Networking on Twitter / Facebook.  […]
May 16, 2011 8

#SeedKeeperPalooza Dance in the BGgarden

These girls are my kind of ladies – they just just wanna have fun!   I love seeing fellow garden friends getting on the hashtag (#) movement and sharing some of the most wonderful things about growing your own garden.  The Seed Keeper Company girls are living out their dreams as they travel across Ohio, Michigan […]
May 12, 2011 10
Mobile Upload : Greenhouse Landscape Project 5/11

Planting Potatoes Year 2

My First Potato / July 2010 Last year was the first year to experiment with growing  a garden in raised bed structures.  One of the hot topics on #gardenchat / Twitter was planting potatoes.  With a little help from my friends online I was educated about how easy it was to grow all types of […]
May 10, 2011 9
Bradford Pears First To Bloom

Pear Flare Must Share

I highly recommend the beautiful Bradford pear tree not only because they provide beautiful color in the Autumn but because they have the most grand welcome to early spring! YOUR THOUGHTS?
May 5, 2011 6
Petunias by Proven Winners

When To Fertilize

Last week was the last of the  Outdoor Living Extravaganza Event hosted by Proven Winners for Spring 2011.  Four major cities in Canada and the United States were chosen to kick off  the planting season by holding a retreat and seminar featuring local garden specialist.  I attended the Canadian event held in Toronto, Ontario.   Toronto […]
April 23, 2011 5
Bren  talks #gardenchat

Social Media via Twitter From TheGardenChat

Sharing what is growing on in my neck of the woods is why I’ve been online from the get-go. If it weren’t for social media and outlets like BLOGGER or Facebook, I would have never have met the fabulous garden folks I know today. Where would I be today in my garden without Joe Lamp’l […]
April 20, 2011 10

The Outcast of Spring

With spring comes a few unwanted guest to our gardens. Today’s outcasts just happen to have wings and enjoy leaving unwanted ‘ekk’ in the pond. Don’t think I’m heartless because the River runs just an few acres from the pond where the rest of the ducklings swim. I’m guessing these two were the trouble makers!
April 12, 2011 1