Summer Night at the Black Swamp Arts Festival

179959_3956636987298_1817331570_n Collage of Black Swamp ARTS Festival In B.G. Ohio One of my favorite events in the summer takes place locally at the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio.   Featured in the collage above  are some images from Saturday nights center stage line up with Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears and Dwayne Dopsie […]

Tussie – Mussies :The Language of Flowers

Tulip Bundle on Valentines Day Happy Years – Memory says the Tulip Last Monday on #gardenchat we welcomed the talented author Geraldine Adamich Laufer (also known as @gardengeri ) as our guest host.  It was an hour filled with love as we  got to ask questions and learn more about the language of flowers from our #gardenchat friend Geri.  If […]

West Seattle Nursery & Garden Center

West Seattle Nursery I arrived in Seattle this afternoon for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Welcomed with spring like temperatures I had to stop by this charming garden center located in West Seattle. Please enjoy the spring shares in the image collection below. It was encouraging to see the early spring blooms thriving in their outdoors nursery […]

Wow Wednesday

fields of Costa Farms / Miami I’m not sure which is more stunning : the larger bloom of the new  Tropical Escape Hibiscus or …..   …. where they come from.  This is a photo out in the fields where the Tropical Hibiscus grows on the Miami based farm at Costa Farms. “Plants are no longer a luxury, but a necessity […]

What’s New on Flickr

Flickr Mess BG_Garden Suddenly I felt light headed and nausea  after  doing a HUGE upload on to my  5 year old Flickr account. Confusion and dismay filled my happy garden world as I clicked over to my photostream to find over 1,000 photos GONE –  What??? I immediately started clicking around on the Flickr URL to see if […]

Whats New For 2012 – Costa Farms Trial Garden

long live Last week I had the privilege of spending the day in Miami, Florida at the Costa Farms amazing trial garden.  This year they have expanded to 2 acres of stunning blooms that will be coming to a garden center near you in 2012.   In the slide show below I share some of my favorite captures […]

Getting Ready to Sow Some Seeds

 It’s hard to believe it is time to start gathering the seeds we will be sowing for our garden 2012.  The weather in our Ohio garden has been crazy and the ground has yet to freeze completely allowing me to turn the soil in the raised beds where I add my rabbit compost.   I can’t […]

I Miss You Yellows

African Bush Daisy by Costa Farms This is the Ball : Durango Flame French Marigold I think my favorite Fertilize Friday / Flaunt Your Blooms shares that I participate in on my garden friend Glenda’s site take place in the winter. In the summer it is hard to decide which bloom I’ll pick from the garden to talk about. In the […]

A Floral Symphony at the NWFGS

NWFGS While much of the country has white mulch covering their gardens, Janet Endsley and her crew work hard moving the soil indoors to inspire the Northwest with A  Floral Symphony.  The Northwest Flower and Garden Show is a five day spectacular event filled with one of a kind garden art, music and of course garden […]

Cyber-Attend A Nursery Trade Show?

 I left my husband scratching his head wondering why I was so excited to see my #gardenchat friend @jchapstk  tweeting away images at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show as I run for a refill on my coffee and back to watch the twitter feed in the office on my P.C.   He just couldn’t grasp why […]

Holly Leaf You Can Eat

Holly Leaf for the Cookieparty This is a recipe that fits perfect on my gardening site not only because it is green but because it reminds me of one of my favorite garden shrubs.   Tonight we are celebrating on #gardenchat ( the Twitter based chat forum) with a good ol’ fashion #cookieparty.  Everyone is encouraged to share their favorite cookie […]

Lazy Bird Watch

Birds Does every gardener take to birdwatching in the winter months?  At first last year when I started networking the birds I spotted and took photos of from my office window I felt a bit odd.  I guess I always thought of birdwatching as a hobby old people enjoyed doing because it was something you could […]

Miniature Gardening in the Northwest

 It was hard to miss all the creative miniature gardening designs this past year at most of the garden shows.  One of my favorite designers was featured at the Northwest Flower Garden Show this past February.  She was also a vender at the IGC Trade Show in Chicago this summer.  I can’t believe with all […]

Story Behind The Name

 One of the highlights of being involved on Twitter is sharing and learning from my #gardenchat friends.  From time to time I get a questions that would make a creative blog post topic and this entry happens to be one of those posts.  Today I’m inviting you to join in on this topic as well […]