Garden Ugly Project : Begonia

big begonia Clicking through photos from gardening 2014 I came across this image of the begonia that spent the winter in my master bathroom. The plant survived …however it got really ugly! Loading Ask me about the garde ugly project… This is going to be fun! #gardening #gardenchat View on Instagram Of Course … you know me […]

Let’s Talk Terrariums

vase While I was at the store this afternoon strolling through the houseplants and gawking over the new seeds for 2014 I came across some terrarium dishes. I couldn’t help but wonder about the process of putting one of these little plant conservatories together and would the plants actually grow being in a contained environment? Let’s […]

Cone-fections in the Garden

cone-fection WOW…. in the garden center but I wasn’t sure where I would plant it so I took a photo of it with my cell phone. Of course as the season grew on I forget the name of this fantastic doubling bloom. NEVER FEAR … we have a community of amazing gardeners who share and connect […]

Choosing Vegetable Seedlings

Fullscreen capture 132015 90340 PM It’s the new year and seed catalog time! As you are placing your orders for garden 2015 please keep in mind that there is more to just planting the seeds. I came across this video on Twitter from the Colorado Extension office. The universities have wonderful information for home gardeners to learn from including this […]

Garden Successes and Failures of 2014 : #11 Garden Chatter

Fullscreen capture 142015 104434 PM On December 30, 2014 Adam Cortell and I celebrated our 11th Garden Chatter presentation with some amazing garden writers. Giggles, tips on gardening and inspiring ideas on this presentation where failures in the garden are only growing experiences. Garden Chatter #11 Having trouble viewing this presentation? Click over to the Garden Chatter Playlist on Youtube […]

Top 5 Twitter Users Who Inspired Me in 2014

Fullscreen capture 12292014 63118 PM My first tweet was on April 1, 2009. It’s been an amazing journey meeting fascinating people on that social platform daily. As we say goodbye to 2014 I want to do a quick shout out to ‘tweeps’ that have inspired me, made me think, and most of all made me smile. Mud Baron @Cocoxochitl I […]

Top Flower Picks Of 2014

IMG_3168.JPG These are my top flower picks from 2014 gardening in hardiness zone 5b Ohio. Under each images I feature I will share what I loved most about the bloom. Nasturtium Growing the nasturtium from seed in early spring is rewarding not only because it is an inexpensive seed but because it is easy to grow. […]

Garden Cocktail Party on Garden Chatter

BGgarden_video_gardenchatter14 (5) Just before Christmas a group of garden enthusiasts got together and shared on a Google Hangout about cocktails and appetizers we love to  whip up for the holidays. I couldn’t stop giggling … it was so much fun seeing some of my favorite gardeners from around the country sharing their garden recipes and more. Garden […]

German Statice For Christmas

Christmas decor 2006 Looking through Christmas decoration images from years past I came across this image of my fireplace mantel decorated with dried flowers from the summer garden.  I totally forgot about 2006 when I was first introduced to perennials with flowers that can be dried.  One of the first plants I grew was the German Statice after […]

Garden-pedia: Meet Maria Zampini

Fullscreen capture 12192014 114056 AM Maria Zampini has teamed up with Pamela Bennett of The Ohio State University to co-author the only book you will ever need to understand garden speak! She is a familiar face if you’ve been to any garden center or garden show event.  You can also find Maria on the HGTV Home Plants Website where she […]