Annie Haven : Not Your Everyday Poop Scooper!

Annie Haven - Welcome to the first of podcasts on .  In this episode I interview Annie Haven of Authentic Haven Brand / Manure Tea who shares her new found love for growing seeds thanks to the inspiration of #gardenchat.  I’m a huge fan of Annie’s manure bags and I enjoy sharing with everyone that she is […]

Chris McLaughlin: Heirlooms and Bunnies

Winter092 Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly  be another thing I could  love about Chris Mclaughlin, one of my favorite garden writers : I read her favorite quote on facebook which states: “I can’t wait to turn 50. That day I become a respectable heirloom.” ~ me OH MY WORD…how cute is that?! I am […]

Winter Bouquet

 A few of my favorite things are herbs and annuals I can grow or winter over in the greenhouse.   I take pride in the herbs that are produced in the winter.  Growing fresh parsley and keeping blooms that would normally only be grown in the summer here in zone 5 makes me feel like I’m […]

Flickr Friday : Traffic Anyone?

 At some point or another I’m sure every blogger has asked themselves ‘where in the world is my traffic?’ Come on now, I know I have seen many tweets and facebook status stating they don’t care about the numbers and questioning do those isp clicks really matter? I guess just like anything else in this […]

Back in the Kitchen with Italian Salsa

Bren's Italian Salsa Nothing beats opening a jar of canned roma’s from the summer canning projects and mixing it with some of my favorite herbs from the winter greenhouse.   Tonight’s dish was whipped up with some garden fresh love. Simple and fresh ingredients  will make any dish a gourmet addition to the menu. CLICK IMAGE above for RECIPE […]

Did You Miss Me?

 It has been a super busy New Year for me in the Nothing worse than trying to put the past 11 days I’ve been absent from blogging into words for a ‘posting’.   Like most of you, I’ve had the dreaded task of taking my Christmas decor down and putting it away for another […]

December Greenhouse

 A quick look at what it is like in December growing in my greenhouse.  I share a few tips and lots of blooms.  Please know if you have any questions about the greenhouse you may leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. A collection of images […]

Greatest Gift from Nature

Deer Family I know it is Wordless Wednesday but it looks like I’m going to start this out ‘wordy’ because I’m extremely happy this morning thanks to a  guest in my garden.  I looked out beyond my computer screen to find a Doe looking at me. ( image above).  I slowly reached for my camera and captured […]

Stout on Tuesday

 I’ve never had an Amaryllis  bloom this short.  This is the bulb I shared back on December 10 on this blog.  It is a discount treasure I found at one of my favorite markets.   The steam on this Holiday beauty is only 6 ” long. Happy Bloom Tuesday Friends! Like this:Like Loading…

Minor Roof Repairs

 We’ve had some minor roof repairs this weekend – Thank goodness nothing that a toothpick couldn’t fix! It’s the Holiday season and we’ve been catching a few of the traditional sights and sounds of the festivities.  The image above sums up the last weekend before Christmas with all the cookie  baking and gum drop eating […]

Sugar & Spice Inspiring Nice

 Cookies, Candies and a few pudgy Chef  Santas I wasn’t going to set up this Sugar & Spice style Christmas tree (image above) this year because we have remodeling going on but feeling a bit inspired after checking out a Garden Blogger connection I follow on Twitter I have a change of plans.   I […]

Christmas Presents from the Garden

BG_bren13 One of the highlights of the summer is the beautiful foliage and fragrant blooms on the large Oakleaf Hydrangea .  Many of us remembers the Hydrangea from our childhood from our  grandmothers garden.   We are fortunate to be able to fall in love with this beautiful bloom in our adulthood thanks to the  new varieties […]

Bloom Tuesday Back View

 I’m still using my Fuji FinepixHD  – quick shares from the greenhouse RIGHT NOW! One of the highlights of being a year-round grower is to be able to share the summer green when the rest of the Midwest is blanketed with snow.    It is hard to believe that we  are enduring brutal cold this week […]

Mint Cocoa and #gardenchat Friends

 Brens’ Mint Cocoa Recipe – Click  on image above for the recipe. Tis the Season……. to share the Holidays with friends & family.   Over the past few months I have been the acting administrator for the #gardenchat event on Twitter.  For more information about this chat please click Here. The #gardenchat is a gathering of […]

Moo-Poo for the Holiday

Moo Poo Under the Tree This was the first year in my 22 years of being a home owner that my husband and I are celebrate Christmas with a real tree.   The idea of having a real tree always fascinated me but it just seemed we were always gone for the Holidays and a real tree definitely needs extra TLC.   […]

Excited to Grow

 Today’s share is an image of me in my greenhouse this evening.  My hubby sneaked up on me to see what all the ‘matter’ was in the Christmas decorated growing space in our winter garden.   This time of year you will find the radio playing 24 / 7 to 101.5 The River which is featuring […]

Holiday Hidden Beauty

Amaryllis Bulb Art I can’t imagine Christmas without a few Holiday containers in the house.  Not to mention, not having Paperwhites or Amaryllis to add some excitement to the indoor winter gardening experience.   It feels like Christmas morning to me when those buds on these plants start to open.  I can’t help but wonder if the package was […]

Holiday Hanging Basket

basket1 I put together a quick video to show you how you can make your own Holiday hanging baskets.  All you will need is a few left-overs from the Summer garden and a big red bow that I demonstrated how to make earlier this week. Holiday Hanging Basket – A few supplies left overs from the […]

Wordless Wednesday

BirdHouse I’m entering this photo in the #gardenchat contest. Be sure to click on the AD above to find out how you can enter. There are some fun garden presents under the tree to be given away next Monday! Like this:Like Loading…

How to Participate in #gardenchat on Twitter

 Over the past few months I’ve received numerous emails asking how to participate in #gardenchat on the Twitter network.  In this 4 minute video I share with you the basic steps on how to get connected with the 1,000’s of garden connections who use the Twitter network. Be sure to follow TheGardenChat on Twitter to […]

Red Bows for the Holiday Landscape

Greenhouse Landscape Project 1 Handmade Holiday Red Bows dress up the landscape and the Winter Garden. Check out my BGgardenLive channel on Easy and inexpensive – make your own red holiday bows. These bows are super easy to make and over a dozen large bows will cost you around .50cents each.  You will need to get a 50 […]