Wordless Wednesday Gone Wild in Autumn

Red Blanket Flower It’s always so hard to keep it ‘short ‘ on #wordlessWednesday post but I want to participate from my garden in Ohio.  Today I’m sharing the Red Blanket Flower that I know you will love because they are EASY to grow if you have a full sun location in your garden. I planted these seeds […]

Hose Hopping on #caturday

Hose Hopping One of the highlights in our country garden has been all the kittens we’ve provide a home for. In 2005 a friend brought over two kittens who were abandon at the near by University after the Mama Kitten was hit by a car. I had never seen a 2 week old kitten with it’s eyes […]

Septembers Hydrangea Blooms : Natures Art

20130920-115248.jpg The gardens are the canvas as nature creates and shares art….. This image is from my back landscape behind the garage. It is by far one of my favorite hydrangeas – the oak-leaf hydrangea. I’ve shared this shrub on my social networks for well over 6 years and can’t stress enough how it is a […]

Rescue Kitty Hero #Caturday

cat_todd What do I love most about Twitter – Connecting with folks who make a difference in this world. Last week on the educational yet totally geek-ed out fun Twitter chat #mobilechat I engaged with Todd Burgess. The topic that day was making sense of mobile media and yet somehow the topic spun off on #bacon, Camels and #kittyrescue.

Vine Me #gardenchat Chicago

Fullscreen capture 8282013 125000 PM My passion… learning how to grow things for my home and garden and sharing with others. The #gardenchat Live last week was all about amazing gardeners, foodies and product providers who are making a difference in gardens around the country.