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Twitter Events

Twitter : one of the fast ways to share using social media. This is where you will find all Twitter events that I promote or participate in. You can follow me on Twitter at @BG_garden

Winter Garden Party Cyber Style

It was a year ago this week I started to feel the power of social networking site Twitter.  A group of gardeners who I enjoyed ‘tweeting up’ with  met up on started sharing ideas about sowing some seeds.   I blogged about the experience as it happen in my entry at Join is for #SuperSowSunday . […]

All Annuals Wildflower by BBBseed

Another seed provider that I enjoy to follow on twitter and facebook is BBBseed.   If you are looking for fun seed shares be sure to follow them on Twitter at @BBBseeds because they are always sharing up to date information. BBBseed company was originally started in the previous owner’s garage in 1985. Four years […]

Seed Keeping Made Easy

Ready to start Sowing! We are heading into one of my favorite times of the year for growing and to help keep my addiction for seeds organized I use The Seed Keeper. This is a super handy kit that helps me stay organized because there are dividers in the box and plenty of space for extras. I like to […]

Small Budget Big Blooms

Raised Beds Winter is usually the time of year that I use to organize and get caught up on any reading I have collected during the year.   For Christmas I received ‘The Small Budget Gardener’ by Maureen Gilmer as a gift.    I’m enjoying the book even though I’m not reading every word.   It doesn’t mean it isn’t […]

Did You Miss Me?

It has been a super busy New Year for me in the Nothing worse than trying to put the past 11 days I’ve been absent from blogging into words for a ‘posting’.   Like most of you, I’ve had the dreaded task of taking my Christmas decor down and putting it away for another […]

Sugar & Spice Inspiring Nice

Cookies, Candies and a few pudgy Chef  Santas I wasn’t going to set up this Sugar & Spice style Christmas tree (image above) this year because we have remodeling going on but feeling a bit inspired after checking out a Garden Blogger connection I follow on Twitter I have a change of plans.   I […]