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#superSowSunday takes place every Spring during Super Bowl Sunday. It is an event on Twitter to get people in the garden and growing with seeds.

Getting Ready to Sow Some Seeds

It’s hard to believe it is time to start gathering the seeds we will be sowing for our garden 2012.  The weather in our Ohio garden has been crazy and the ground has yet to freeze completely allowing me to turn the soil in the raised beds where I add my rabbit compost.   I can’t […]
Zinnia Seed Labeling Tip from Bren

Zinnia Seed Indentification Made Easy

Pink, Yellow & Orange – BGgarden Theme Colors 2011 IF you are familiar with my garden networking there is no doubt you will agree I’m a seed addict.  I love everything about seeds!  How can anyone not love the experience of nurturing your own plants in your home & garden? Saving seeds from the plant […]
Excited over the little things!

Spring at Home

This container of supersowsunday lettuce mix by Territorial Seed Company featured on the left says it all!

Seed Swap Goods for my Friday Flaunt

As a northern who lives and grows up in zone 5b I see this time of year when my outside canvas is covered with white mulch as a time of collecting to create.  This is a time to be used to sketch up what we are dreaming to grow in our outdoors surrounding in a […]

Artful Way to Share Seeds

We are getting close to the big event and with each passing hour I can’t wait to get sharing all the seeds and information I’ve collected for #supersowsunday.  Toward the end of the week I was contacted by a representative  from @seedlibrary on my Facebook page stating they wanted to donate to this event.  HOW […]

Winter Garden Party Cyber Style

It was a year ago this week I started to feel the power of social networking site Twitter.  A group of gardeners who I enjoyed ‘tweeting up’ with  met up on started sharing ideas about sowing some seeds.   I blogged about the experience as it happen in my entry at Join is for #SuperSowSunday . […]
#supersunday Grand Prize

#supersowsunday Giveaways Galore

On Sunday February 6 during the #supersowsunday event someone will be chosen to receive the gift set in the photo above. The #supersowsunday Grand Prize includes….

All Annuals Wildflower by BBBseed

Another seed provider that I enjoy to follow on twitter and facebook is BBBseed.   If you are looking for fun seed shares be sure to follow them on Twitter at @BBBseeds because they are always sharing up to date information. BBBseed company was originally started in the previous owner’s garage in 1985. Four years […]

Giving Away A Garden : Dave Dollar Seed

During the #supersowsunday seed round up where I’ve called out to those who networking seeds via Twitter I had the privilege of connecting with Dave Moffitt of Dave Dollar Seeds.  The photo to the left is Barb and Dave Moffitt of Cortland, NY, and the ‘donor bed’ that launched 2000 marigold seed packets.  You can […]
WallFlower Seeds

WallFlower Studio : Sowing Earth Friendly

One click over to WallFlower Studio and you will clearly see that Karen Sloan  has a background is in horticulture and floral design. She lives, gardens and paints in Haliburton County, Ontario, on several acres, with her family.   Owner of the earth friendly products featured on her Etsy site, shared with me that she had […]
Raised Beds

Small Budget Big Blooms

Winter is usually the time of year that I use to organize and get caught up on any reading I have collected during the year.   For Christmas I received ‘The Small Budget Gardener’ by Maureen Gilmer as a gift.    I’m enjoying the book even though I’m not reading every word.   It doesn’t mean it isn’t […]

Creative Seeds Make the Art Connection

There is a topic like NO OTHER that is sure to grab my attention and that is ART.   Now throw in some green growing and you have my undivided attention.    There is a new connection I’ve made on Twitter while putting together the #supersowsunday event that has done just that.    I want to share […]

Did You Miss Me?

It has been a super busy New Year for me in the Nothing worse than trying to put the past 11 days I’ve been absent from blogging into words for a ‘posting’.   Like most of you, I’ve had the dreaded task of taking my Christmas decor down and putting it away for another […]
SuperSowSunday - hope to see you there!

Join Us for #SuperSowSunday

  Tomorrow is most commonly known as Super Bowl Sunday for most Football fanatics. HOWEVER, in the garden world we will be having a Super Time Sowing Seeds! Grab some dirt, a few seeds and come enjoy the chatter as we celebrate sowing time. Not sure which of these fabulous garden ladies it was but […]