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Weight of Spring

I can relate to this image of the tulips being weighted down by the blessings of spring. It is kind of like the gardener in spring with all the laboring chores that must be done to keep the garden looking her best. Some how, we come out shining evening with the weight that had been […]

April showers have arrived.

Rain on the orchard tulips in April. I love the spring rain that gives a chill in the air and a wet kiss on the blooms. I love when the April rain allows time to enjoy it’s power. Most of all, I love what the April Showers bring to the garden. Doesn’t the rain have amazing powers that make you relax? Close […]

Oh Snap…..

snapdragons from the greenhouse Today was a super busy spring day in the garden. I start the day out with a ‘cup of joe’ and sprinkler in hand as I water my greenhouse goodies. After babying the new seedlings growing for my veggie garden and starting some more annuals seeds it was time to start thinking about a quick […]

Knock Out hits 10 today!

I couldn’t believe this mornings ‘Twitter’ from @SuziMcCoyGMG calling out a Birthday wish to a treasured bloomer in my garden. It is hard to believe this fabulous shrub hits 10 years old today! Sharing the excitement I am going to post a few photos from my old blog that were shared last year because it […]

Spring Surprises in the Garden

Spring Surprise in the Garden As the weather this spring swiftly turns from summer back to spring like temperatures I’m experiencing some quit exciting surprises in my garden.   Today as I snapped a few photos of the amazing color display going on as the Cushion Spurge ‘Bonfire’ I got quit the startle.  As I moved […]

Wordless Wednesday (not!)

I know that Wednesdays’ in the BLOGGING community is usually a day where we share and image with no words but this one just screams at me! That is just me… thinking out of the box.  I hope you are enjoying this fabulous day in April.  It is sunny and 80* in Ohio.  What in […]

Flaunting my Blooms on Friday!

I can’t believe it is Friday already!  I am so ready to flaunt some blooms from my early Spring Greenhouse.  I hope you will join in the fun and post some of your blooms today.  Don’t forget to add Tootsies Widget to help celebrate the fun! Click on the Fertilizer Friday link below to add […]