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Buzzin’ on Tuesday

What has gotten into me with all these ‘bug’ shares lately. I think it is all the green and growing natural I have been doing that is inviting all the wonderful creatures into my growing zone. And just when you think you have seen it all this little guy is truly doing his thing with […]

Pickling Made Easy

You should have know I would post the recipe – RIGHT? Click on the image above for the Sweet Hot Pickling recipe I have been using as long as I have been canning. Don’t let the tightly packed jars fool you into thinking this is a hard recipe. If you have any interest in canning […]

A cat I didn’t like

I will admit we have had some amazing felines who have called our property home. There hasn’t been a kitty I couldn’t say no to if they needed a home. Their have been a few that just couldn’t adapt to living with the other rescue kitties in the outdoors. One cat that has adapted just […]

First of the Zinnias 2010

Zinnia 2010 This may just be my favorite zinnia ever! I’m loving the pink in the middle of the orange blooms. The first of the zinnias have arrived just in time for canning season. The peaceful display of elegant tones of color would make anyone stop and take a breath. I’m loving what they have provided for […]

Taytos Have Arrived

Before and After Photos of the Raised Bed Potato Garden   I was so excited to pull this beauty from the ground with many more peeking out as I begin to harvest.   This was the first year I grew potatoes. A bin at one of my favorite Garden Centers filled with Irish Potatoes caught my eye and got me thinking seriously about growing my […]

Time Stands Still

First Zinnia I’ve been super busy in the kitchen processing all that I have been harvesting. Tonight I took a quick walk back through the zinnias I passed up in all the rush this morning while picking hot peppers for pickling. This is the perfect ending to a busy day. Time stands still in the zinnia garden. […]

Seed Me

This past spring I had the privilege of meeting some extremely amazing folks at the Toledo Growers Seed Swap. I must admit I felt awkward when I arrived to find so many people sharing so many of their seeds they had saved. I had no idea this movement was such a big deal in my […]