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Finding the Perfect Spot

A few days ago the first of my spring bulbs that I forced in the greenhouse started to open.  I quickly cut the sunny yellow daffodils and brought them into my earth tone home for all the enjoy.  By day two of having them in my home I noticed they really didn’t match my decor […]
Seed File

Gathering and Saving Seeds

The month of January seemed to fly by in the BGgarden as I  prepared for planting 2010, organized my home for spring, and enjoyed the winter fun the weather provided. The treasures I have growing in the greenhouse are doing well.  Some of the delicate green I was hoping to winter over got ‘zapped’ one […]
Spring Bulbs

Forcing Bulbs Indoors

It has been 12 weeks since we placed the spring bulbs in refrigeration on October 1st for an early spring bloom indoors.  In this post I share a video on how to start those bulbs we are going to force indoors. Forcing Bulbs Indoors If you are having difficulties viewing my video on Forcing Bulbs […]
Seymore is reminded of summer by enjoying the water from the well in the watering can.

It won’t be long….

I will admit the forecast of  highs only reaching the low 20’s  and lows in the single digits for this weekend has made me a bit scared to think of my greenhouse project. The thought of losing my blooms I have been wintering over is enough to make me lose sleep. It was a wonderful […]

The Power of the Rose

Look deep into the image and you can almost smell the soft scent of spring. As I look into the rose bouquet it is hard to believe this is winter.It won’t be long and we will be trying to find time to enjoy  blooms like these in the summer  garden.  These beautiful roses sit in […]
Irish gifts at Milk Market

The Milk Market in Limerick

One of the highlights of my trip to Ireland last week was a visit with new friends to the Milk Market located in the city of Limerick. The Limerick Market Trustees have been operating since 1852. Apart from the Milk Market, which will be undergoing a major remodel until 2010 , the market on Bedford Row, off O’Connell Street, is open every Sunday afternoon.
St. Mary in Limerick Ireland

Tuesday Blooms From St. Mary

Today for Bloom Tuesday I am in Limerick, Ireland.  One of the things I’m loving about the sights in this green country is the splash of bright color on a very cadaverous canvas. This morning we had some free time to go in search of the city.I decided to head out toward this magnificent tower […]