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Kids in the BGgarden

Little Fingers Sowing Seeds

What better way to make your garden kid friendly then to get the kids in the garden and teach them how to sow some seeds of their own? Growing a garden gives children a chance to learn important life skills.  Kids can experience the joy that comes from caring for something while watching it grow […]

Winter Garden Party Cyber Style

It was a year ago this week I started to feel the power of social networking site Twitter.  A group of gardeners who I enjoyed ‘tweeting up’ with  met up on started sharing ideas about sowing some seeds.   I blogged about the experience as it happen in my entry at Join is for #SuperSowSunday . […]

Fertilize Friday

Can I do a repost because my Friday looks like this : Snow Covered Kitties Finding Art in things that are Dead in the Snow The image above was from my post last year titled “It Won’t be Long…” and interesting enough the post as added January 29th 2010.    The Image above surely warms up […]

Territorial Seeds

Curiosity has me wanting to ask on my blog today if anyone else uses social networks like Facebook and Twitter more then they do their personal blog?  In the past year I’ve had the privileged of attending a few social media seminars focusing on the topic of how to use these forums.   The number one […]
Ready to start Sowing!

Seed Keeping Made Easy

We are heading into one of my favorite times of the year for growing and to help keep my addiction for seeds organized I use The Seed Keeper. This is a super handy kit that helps me stay organized because there are dividers in the box and plenty of space for extras. I like to […]
Raised Beds

Small Budget Big Blooms

Winter is usually the time of year that I use to organize and get caught up on any reading I have collected during the year.   For Christmas I received ‘The Small Budget Gardener’ by Maureen Gilmer as a gift.    I’m enjoying the book even though I’m not reading every word.   It doesn’t mean it isn’t […]
Proven Winners on #gardenchat Ad

Proven Winners : Extravaganza

When you plan your garden each year what varieties of blooms do you use to makes your garden a winning combination? Do you mix annuals in with perennials or do you stick to only growing veggies? However your garden grows, chances are you have something by Proven Winners adding to your gardening experience. I’m a […]

Winter Bouquet

A few of my favorite things are herbs and annuals I can grow or winter over in the greenhouse.   I take pride in the herbs that are produced in the winter.  Growing fresh parsley and keeping blooms that would normally only be grown in the summer here in zone 5 makes me feel like I’m […]
Bren's Italian Salsa

Back in the Kitchen with Italian Salsa

Nothing beats opening a jar of canned roma’s from the summer canning projects and mixing it with some of my favorite herbs from the winter greenhouse.   Tonight’s dish was whipped up with some garden fresh love. Simple and fresh ingredients  will make any dish a gourmet addition to the menu. CLICK IMAGE above for RECIPE […]

December Greenhouse

A quick look at what it is like in December growing in my greenhouse.  I share a few tips and lots of blooms.  Please know if you have any questions about the greenhouse you may leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. A collection of images […]

Stout on Tuesday

I’ve never had an Amaryllis  bloom this short.  This is the bulb I shared back on December 10 on this blog.  It is a discount treasure I found at one of my favorite markets.   The steam on this Holiday beauty is only 6 ” long. Happy Bloom Tuesday Friends! Like this:Like Loading…

Christmas Presents from the Garden

One of the highlights of the summer is the beautiful foliage and fragrant blooms on the large Oakleaf Hydrangea .  Many of us remembers the Hydrangea from our childhood from our  grandmothers garden.   We are fortunate to be able to fall in love with this beautiful bloom in our adulthood thanks to the  new varieties […]

Bloom Tuesday Back View

I’m still using my Fuji FinepixHD  – quick shares from the greenhouse RIGHT NOW! One of the highlights of being a year-round grower is to be able to share the summer green when the rest of the Midwest is blanketed with snow.    It is hard to believe that we  are enduring brutal cold this week […]