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Gardening in zone 5b

North America is divided into gardening zones to help categorize and create organization when sharing garden information. This is where you will find information about growing in zone 5b Ohio.

Friday Flaunt

Cosmos ‘Snowpuff’ : wonderful to find this blooming in my raised bed today. Forgive me for such a short post but I am on my way to Dallas, Texas to cover the GWA  Garden Writers Association presents the “Virtual Garden Tour” from Dallas . Like this:Like Loading…

And the Winner Is…….

Thank you everyone for making this another fun BGgarden Networking event! Note: if you want to find out more about Corona Tools or the 62nd Annual GWA Symposium or take a closer look at the SPIN BIN click on the highlighted links! I want to thank everyone once again for making this event extra fun! […]

I’m Celebrating Garden Networking!

I was ecstatic to find during my daily visit over to my Facebook site at the to find that I had hit 1,000 friends. The BGgarden Facebook page is where I share what is going on in my life of gardening following the same shares here on my blog. Now I know that it’s […]
Top of the Heap

Passion in the Harvest

I do believe that today I picked the last of my large harvest of tomatoes for Summer ’10.  My five gallon bucket was filled to the top with a collection of some of the best tomatoes I have ever grown.  The tomatoes that are have produced above and beyond my expectations include Pink Brandywine, Amish […]
Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake

Sinful Veggie: Chocolate Zucchini Cake

It is hard for me to imagine there is anything healthy in this yummy helping of Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake in the photo above. It is true, not only does it have eggs in the ingredients it has zucchini. Leave it to me to make it sinfully and loaded with calories! Growing what we eat […]

Wake Me up Raindrops

Raindrops – a rare treat in the garden this summer…. Woke up to the sound of raindrops on my bedroom window and it felt like Christmas morning. Unfortunately, it was only a little drizzle that was done before my first cup of coffee was complete. Variegated Morning Glory ‘Minibar Rose’ Amazing what a few raindrops […]
This tropical bloom is lighting up my back deck just in time for Fertilize Friday.

Thank You Annie : Fertilize Friday

It is my busy time of the year being a Mommy who loves to harvest and preserve her veggie garden. As I was admiring that amazing tropical bloom I quickly realized that I needed to thank my dear friend Annie for her wonderful Haven Brew that she produces to help gardeners like me grow natural. […]
Look Close

Wednesday Wordy When it comes to Webs

And if you think you are sitting down beside me in the greenhouse this winter.... you have another thing coming! I'm breaking the rules again today when it comes to garden blogging. Wordy Wednesday is just my thing!

Make You Smile Tuesday Bloom

The arrival of the sunflowers usually means that summer is at close end in my neck of the woods. These days I have been growing early bloomers like the Del Sol Sunflower (top photo) that bloom in 50 days. I am loving this variety that grows to 5 feet tall with numerous blooms on one […]

Little Or Big : Grow It Natural!

I’m super proud to announce that this is the first of my completely grown GREEN tomatoes! These seeds were sent to me from Natures Crossroads out of Indiana in early spring. The seeds were started in my greenhouse which was maintained completely green and then transplanted to my Veggie Garden which was fertilized by Haven […]

Friday Flaunt – Whats your Bloom?

I’m loving the blooms of my rows of zinnias out in the veggie garden. This hot red is from Mix pack by Burpee Seed that I purchased at Walmart for $1 . I have been enjoying these as cut flowers in my favorite vase in our home. As I snapped some shots of what I […]

Are You My Mother?

Today while out picking tomatoes for a yummy sandwich to be served at lunch, I spotted this rough looking butterfly. I had seen this critter flying around my garden early this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera in hand so I could share it on the Garden Network with hopes of finding out what […]

Buzzin’ on Tuesday

What has gotten into me with all these ‘bug’ shares lately. I think it is all the green and growing natural I have been doing that is inviting all the wonderful creatures into my growing zone. And just when you think you have seen it all this little guy is truly doing his thing with […]

Pickling Made Easy

You should have know I would post the recipe – RIGHT? Click on the image above for the Sweet Hot Pickling recipe I have been using as long as I have been canning. Don’t let the tightly packed jars fool you into thinking this is a hard recipe. If you have any interest in canning […]

A cat I didn’t like

I will admit we have had some amazing felines who have called our property home. There hasn’t been a kitty I couldn’t say no to if they needed a home. Their have been a few that just couldn’t adapt to living with the other rescue kitties in the outdoors. One cat that has adapted just […]
Zinnia 2010

First of the Zinnias 2010

This may just be my favorite zinnia ever! I’m loving the pink in the middle of the orange blooms. The first of the zinnias have arrived just in time for canning season. The peaceful display of elegant tones of color would make anyone stop and take a breath. I’m loving what they have provided for […]
Before and After Photos of the Raised Bed Potato Garden

Taytos Have Arrived

  I was so excited to pull this beauty from the ground with many more peeking out as I begin to harvest.   This was the first year I grew potatoes. A bin at one of my favorite Garden Centers filled with Irish Potatoes caught my eye and got me thinking seriously about growing my […]
First Zinnia

Time Stands Still

I’ve been super busy in the kitchen processing all that I have been harvesting. Tonight I took a quick walk back through the zinnias I passed up in all the rush this morning while picking hot peppers for pickling. This is the perfect ending to a busy day. Time stands still in the zinnia garden. […]

Seed Me

This past spring I had the privilege of meeting some extremely amazing folks at the Toledo Growers Seed Swap. I must admit I felt awkward when I arrived to find so many people sharing so many of their seeds they had saved. I had no idea this movement was such a big deal in my […]

Seed Saving Super Size

Feeling extremely guilty for all the years I discarded the seeds. Do you know how many pickles I could have processed with those seeds? I’m sharing some seed saving tips that will keep you and your family feed for years to come.

The Pink has arrived on my Pinky Winky

It is the beginning of a fabulous show put on by the Pink..... and we had a little excitement last night that was captured on the cell phone during some more crazy Midwest Weather. All this excitement is my share on this Fertilize Friday Flower Flaunt! Happy Friday Everyone!
Kettle Corn

Threshers & Corn make Midwest Summer

Could the sky be any bluer standing out in this Ohio field? Summer is hot dry fields and the smell of kettle corn. Summer is the cool sprinkle from a well hose as I save the veggies I have been growing from the lack of rain. Summer is the smell of garlic,dill,onion and fresh cucumbers […]
Capturing the Sun : Sun Parasoil Madvilla

Enjoy the Sun

The image above is my prize bloom this week in the garden. It is super hard to capture this red in the sunshine. Can you feel the heat of this bloom. The Sun Parasol Mandevilla kicked it in gear with the blooms a few weeks ago when the hot temperatures arrived in my garden. I […]