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Gardening in zone 5b

North America is divided into gardening zones to help categorize and create organization when sharing garden information. This is where you will find information about growing in zone 5b Ohio.

Proven Winners : Extravaganza

When you plan your garden each year what varieties of blooms do you use to makes your garden a winning combination? Do you mix annuals in with perennials or do you stick to only growing veggies? However your garden grows, chances are you have something by Proven Winners adding to your gardening experience. I’m a […]

Winter Bouquet

A few of my favorite things are herbs and annuals I can grow or winter over in the greenhouse.   I take pride in the herbs that are produced in the winter.  Growing fresh parsley and keeping blooms that would normally only be grown in the summer here in zone 5 makes me feel like I’m […]

Back in the Kitchen with Italian Salsa

Bren's Italian Salsa Nothing beats opening a jar of canned roma’s from the summer canning projects and mixing it with some of my favorite herbs from the winter greenhouse.   Tonight’s dish was whipped up with some garden fresh love. Simple and fresh ingredients  will make any dish a gourmet addition to the menu. CLICK IMAGE above for RECIPE […]

Christmas Presents from the Garden

BG_bren13 One of the highlights of the summer is the beautiful foliage and fragrant blooms on the large Oakleaf Hydrangea .  Many of us remembers the Hydrangea from our childhood from our  grandmothers garden.   We are fortunate to be able to fall in love with this beautiful bloom in our adulthood thanks to the  new varieties […]

Ginkgo After Autumn Frost

Each early Autumn the majestic Ginkgo tree in my garden quickly takes on its gold transition. Within hours of sunrise after the first frost the leaves quickly fall to the ground. Today I share a video of the tree that captivates me with hopes of holding on to its beauty anytime of the year. Click […]

Autumn Rustic Roast Dinner

The harvest season in the garden has come to an end and now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor on the dinner table.   Todays recipe share is made with our Irish potatoes we grew and stored in the cellar for the past few months and carrots that were harvest last week before the […]

Extreme Green and Dressing

Nothing grows as healthy as my lettuce mixes in the greenhouse.  I usually have at least a dozen container growing at random times so we can always enjoy a fresh mix on the dinner table.   For information on the seeds I use and my greenhouse conditions read more HERE or click on the image to […]

First Frost of the Season

I’m starting to see winter in my neck of the woods. Black Lace™ Sambucus Nigra I’m seeing some stress on my Proven Winners Sambucus after 2 nights in a row of temperature down in the low 30*F’s. The view this morning after the heavy frost of the 8 foot shrub is a reminder of winter. […]

Autumn Storm on Ginkgo

The weather turned dark quickly this late Tuesday morning. Here is the view from under my Gingko tree that appears to have taken on Autumn color over night. I can’t help but think the 60 plus MPH winds may have scared those Autumn tones out of it. My hopes are that there will be a […]

Seasons Change

I’m loving the change of seasons as I work hard to prepare for more shares from my garden to continue into the winter season. Cleaning the garden beds, putting trellis away for the winter, loading up the greenhouse where I am growing year round and collecting images from my garden world to share with you […]