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Gardening in zone 5b

North America is divided into gardening zones to help categorize and create organization when sharing garden information. This is where you will find information about growing in zone 5b Ohio.

And the Winner Is…….

Thank you everyone for making this another fun BGgarden Networking event! Note: if you want to find out more about Corona Tools or the 62nd Annual GWA Symposium or take a closer look at the SPIN BIN click on the highlighted links! I want to thank everyone once again for making this event extra fun! […]

Passion in the Harvest

Top of the Heap I do believe that today I picked the last of my large harvest of tomatoes for Summer ’10.  My five gallon bucket was filled to the top with a collection of some of the best tomatoes I have ever grown.  The tomatoes that are have produced above and beyond my expectations include Pink Brandywine, Amish […]

Wake Me up Raindrops

Raindrops – a rare treat in the garden this summer…. Woke up to the sound of raindrops on my bedroom window and it felt like Christmas morning. Unfortunately, it was only a little drizzle that was done before my first cup of coffee was complete. Variegated Morning Glory ‘Minibar Rose’ Amazing what a few raindrops […]

Little Or Big : Grow It Natural!

I’m super proud to announce that this is the first of my completely grown GREEN tomatoes! These seeds were sent to me from Natures Crossroads out of Indiana in early spring. The seeds were started in my greenhouse which was maintained completely green and then transplanted to my Veggie Garden which was fertilized by Haven […]