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Bren’s Potting Table

In these blog postings I share my favorite products used to keep my garden the best it can be.

Wow Wednesday

fields of Costa Farms / Miami I’m not sure which is more stunning : the larger bloom of the new  Tropical Escape Hibiscus or …..   …. where they come from.  This is a photo out in the fields where the Tropical Hibiscus grows on the Miami based farm at Costa Farms. “Plants are no longer a luxury, but a necessity […]

Lazy Bird Watch

Birds Does every gardener take to birdwatching in the winter months?  At first last year when I started networking the birds I spotted and took photos of from my office window I felt a bit odd.  I guess I always thought of birdwatching as a hobby old people enjoyed doing because it was something you could […]

Spring Clean Up : Prepare the Tools

No Stitches Required This Time - USE CAUTION with the properly maintained tools. I’ve been very excited about the upcoming #gardenchat on Twitter this Monday evening not only because it is a great excuse to sit back after a long day of gardening with my growing connection but  because the topic is a sure sign that SPRING has Sprung!  Now we maybe enduring winter like temperatures but one […]

Seed Keeping Made Easy

Ready to start Sowing! We are heading into one of my favorite times of the year for growing and to help keep my addiction for seeds organized I use The Seed Keeper. This is a super handy kit that helps me stay organized because there are dividers in the box and plenty of space for extras. I like to […]

Moo-Poo for the Holiday

Moo Poo Under the Tree This was the first year in my 22 years of being a home owner that my husband and I are celebrate Christmas with a real tree.   The idea of having a real tree always fascinated me but it just seemed we were always gone for the Holidays and a real tree definitely needs extra TLC.   […]

Holiday Hidden Beauty

Amaryllis Bulb Art I can’t imagine Christmas without a few Holiday containers in the house.  Not to mention, not having Paperwhites or Amaryllis to add some excitement to the indoor winter gardening experience.   It feels like Christmas morning to me when those buds on these plants start to open.  I can’t help but wonder if the package was […]