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From Garden to Kitchen

I am a Garden Foodie and this is where you will find my recipes I love to use from the Garden to Kitchen.

Garden Fresh Pot Pie Warms the Winter Home

I don’t remember a cold spell like the one we are enduring leading up to winter in a long time. We’ve been experiencing negative wind chills for a few days in a row with only a few days peaking close to above freezing.  It makes it a challenge to enjoy the Holiday events and also […]

Mint Cocoa and #gardenchat Friends

Brens’ Mint Cocoa Recipe – Click  on image above for the recipe. Tis the Season……. to share the Holidays with friends & family.   Over the past few months I have been the acting administrator for the #gardenchat event on Twitter.  For more information about this chat please click Here. The #gardenchat is a gathering of […]

Comfort Sunday Potato Soup

Click on the Image for Easy Recipe It was an eventful weekend spent at TCIEXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Taking a break this Sunday afternoon to spend time with my family and enjoy some time in the kitchen.  The weather is quickly turning much cooler and it is one of those days to keep cozy with […]

Almost Apple Pie

As apple season comes to an end in my neck of the woods there is no shortage on tasty dishes to prepare and  enjoy these seasonal treats.   This recipe is super easy to make and the best part of the dish is you can use items most kitchens have on hand.  One rule to follow […]

Autumn Rustic Roast Dinner

The harvest season in the garden has come to an end and now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor on the dinner table.   Todays recipe share is made with our Irish potatoes we grew and stored in the cellar for the past few months and carrots that were harvest last week before the […]

Extreme Green and Dressing

Nothing grows as healthy as my lettuce mixes in the greenhouse.  I usually have at least a dozen container growing at random times so we can always enjoy a fresh mix on the dinner table.   For information on the seeds I use and my greenhouse conditions read more HERE or click on the image to […]
Traditional Cranberry Relish Recipe

Favorite Holiday Traditions:Cranberry Relish

I know most Midwesterner gardeners  are busy raking leaves and enjoying the Halloween treats this time of year but after the first heavy frost my garden reminds me it is time to start thinking of the Holidays.  One of my favorite traditions is cooking up a feast for my family and friends.   You are guaranteed […]
pizza toppings

Friday Pizza Nite:Homemade Sauce

My favorite night to cook dinner is ‘Family Friday Pizza Night’ when we make the pizzas at home.  I love it when I can get everyone involved by making up their own pizza.   Nothing beats chopping up a bunch of fresh veggies from the garden for your family to have fun together making into a […]
Autumn Pumpkin Bread Break

Pumpkin Bread Thursday

The scent of Autumn from my Garden2Kitchen The temperatures are dropping in my neck of the woods and the trees are beginning to put on a color show that will warm your hearts.  The summer blooms are fading fast and the autumn splender is filling the containers. Today I share with you the beginning of […]

Canning Tomatoes: Complete the Circle

I’ve been using the Hot Bath Method to set up many different types of tomatoes for the past 12 years.  In this video I share with you tomato canning day in my kitchen.    For a list of what you will need to do this project refer to my blog post at Canning Tomatoes Part1 . […]
canning project

Canning Tomatoes Part 1

It All Starts with a Seed In the early spring 2010 I shared with you some planting tips I learned online at some of my favorite websites. As the seasons turned from spring to summer I planted the tomatoes, enjoyed watching them grow, harvested for daily menu use and today I am going to share […]
Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake

Sinful Veggie: Chocolate Zucchini Cake

It is hard for me to imagine there is anything healthy in this yummy helping of Chocolate Zucchini Forest Cake in the photo above. It is true, not only does it have eggs in the ingredients it has zucchini. Leave it to me to make it sinfully and loaded with calories! Growing what we eat […]
Poppers on the Grill

Pepper Poppers Make it Hot

When I started my seeds for the jalapeno pepper plants I couldn’t help but think of the yummy Pepper Popper appetizers we enjoy during the harvest time. This pepper recipe is always the highlight of any summer time get together. We even enjoy them as a family after a long summers day. They can be […]

Basic into Phenomenal:Herb Mayo

Todays recipe share comes from the garden pictured above. Hard to believe an amazing herb mayonnaise recipe starts in the raised bed pictured above. This raised bed gardening is located just outside of my greenhouse. It is filled with the left overs from my greenhouse that I didn’t want to throw out when the temperature […]