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From Garden to Kitchen

I am a Garden Foodie and this is where you will find my recipes I love to use from the Garden to Kitchen.

Iphone Salad Share

Signature Spring Salad

Dried cranberries, blue cheese and a vinaigrette dressing makes this salad a sure win any day of the week.
Holly Leaf for the Cookieparty

Holly Leaf You Can Eat

This is a recipe that fits perfect on my gardening site not only because it is green but because it reminds me of one of my favorite garden shrubs.   Tonight we are celebrating on #gardenchat ( the Twitter based chat forum) with a good ol’ fashion #cookieparty.  Everyone is encouraged to share their favorite cookie […]

Sunday Brunch Egg Bake

Weekend late mornings have always been special in our home.   One of the highlights that help start the day is enjoying the extra time with family and friends to whip up something yummy from the garden to kitchen using a recipe from the family traditions scrapbook.  This collection of recipes gathered in an office binder […]

Delicata Creamy Soup

Click on Image Above For Complete Recipe Mystery Squash After the potatoes were harvest in one of the raised beds outside of the greenhouse in Mid-July I decided to put some pumpkin and squash plants in it’s place.  Every year I plant my pumpkins early and I’m not able to use them for Halloween.  This […]

Garden Tip #g2b11

While in Little Rock for the Garden2Blog event with P.Allen Smith I was asked to share a quick tip about gardening. The first thing that came to mind was something super easy and fun for all ages to grow. You don’t need soil, just a little bit of love to grow yummy sprouts in your […]
Pesto Real Time Via Mobile Phone #instagram

Creamy Pesto From The Garden

Mobile Phone Photo Art Via #instagram :  Follow me at BGgarden on your Iphone / Ipad Easy and fresh are a given when you grow your own herbs.  One of the easiest herbs to grow in the summer garden is basil.  I want to share with you a quick and extremely easy recipe that you […]
Pumpkin in Raised Beds

Loaded With ‘Yummy’ – Nuts are Optional

Why is it that the temperature drops and my mouth begins watering for some yummy autumn harvest treats from the garden?  Today is a tad below normal in temperature and I’m looking at my pumpkin plants longing for them to be ready to harvested.  That just isn’t going to happen in my raised bed for […]
Green Smoothie

Mango – Lettuce Smoothie

Inspired by my friend Jen who is all about exercise and only putting clean into her body I decided to experiment with lettuce this afternoon. This recipe was using what I had on hand as I …….

Summer Simple Pasta Veggie Dish

With summer just around the corner and the veggies starting to arrive in the garden it is time to share some quick and easy meals that are going on my table this time of year. < easy garden recipe included>
Pizzazz in My Raised Beds

Pesto Pizzazz Recipe

Basil Plant Loaded with Flavor Adds To The Energy Of This Raised Bed Burpee Sweet Basil & Ball Annual Favorites This is the second year of totally mixing it up in the gardens around the greenhouse.  In the images above I share a few of my favorites by Burpee Home Garden. Color dances early in […]
Stove Top Roasting

Creative With What’s On Hand

It’s a way of living I grew up with that some where between college and having kids I put on the back burner.   I’m talking about using what is in your home pantry  and not planning the meal around making a trip to the grocery store. It can be a challenge for your creative side […]

I’m a Pepper… How About You?

I’m all about the goodies featured in the image above. Recently, I was labeled as a Hot & Spicy pepper.  Not sure if I should have been blushing or giving a ‘high five’ so I’m going to embrace my true love for peppers and enjoy the moment. Each spring I enjoy local scavenger huts finding […]

Gumbo Midwest Style

Not a fan of the vegetable okra or have you ran out of your stock from the summer harvest?  No worries, break out the green beans.   I used frozen green beans in this gumbo recipe  to make a dinner that warmed our home and got me to #gardenchat on time! Enjoy – and I would […]

Potato Comfort on Cold Winter Day

I don’t think I have ever seen so much hot air coming from my neighbors. After enduring a day in with temperatures in the teens , tonight’s dinner needed to be one that filled our home with warmth and comfort.  What other food can do that then a yummy roast all dressed up with some […]
Exciting Sprouts

Vitamins, Fiber, Protein, Anti-Oxidants, and Enzymes & NO SOIL Required!

On a recent visit to a local community garden I was introduced to sprouts.   I know some of you are scratching your head thinking ‘what in the world is Bren thinking… sprouts have been around forever!’.  Yes they have been around for a long time but I recently discovered a simple and easy way to […]
Bren's Italian Salsa

Back in the Kitchen with Italian Salsa

Nothing beats opening a jar of canned roma’s from the summer canning projects and mixing it with some of my favorite herbs from the winter greenhouse.   Tonight’s dish was whipped up with some garden fresh love. Simple and fresh ingredients  will make any dish a gourmet addition to the menu. CLICK IMAGE above for RECIPE […]