I Missed It … or did I?

It’s been a while since I shared a photo of the week.  I’m truly enjoying the colors in these beautiful female Cardinals outside my window here in Ohio.  This is going to be my pick for the week.

Image from Ohio Peregrine Falcon Site

Can you image coming in from taking some fun winter images with tons of little colorful birds chirping away playfully enjoying the winter feed only to sit down at your desk to do an upload and find the creature to the left 20 feet from your window?  I kid you not, and I am still kicking myself today for missing that shot.  NOTE: the bird in this image is from Ohio Falcon Cam – it is not mine I’m sad to say.

I just looked up from my computer monitor that is in front of the large window in my office to find this yellow footed beauty just gazing at my on the branch above the bird feeder I had just filled.    I reached over to grab my camera only to find it NOT THERE!  I had left it by the front door because I had just come in from shooting and was in only for a minute to check for an email.  The thrill to see this beauty was like the time I saw the Bald Eagle that nests close by to our property as it did a low fly by while I was sitting in the hot tub one February  morning when we had first moved to the area.  The only large bird I had ever seen were the ones at the zoo.    Need I say it was a restless night because every time I closed my eyes I could only see that bird I missed just gazing at me.

I keep telling myself I am NOT going to get addicted to taking photos of winter birds but it is hard to resist these cute little colorful and extremely playful creatures.   In the Flickr stream below you will find some of the fun images I took yesterday.

As you can guess, I’ve loaded up on the bird seed and I’m bundled up in my snow gear with camera in hand to go sit out in the woods to see if I can capture that beautiful Falcon I hope will be MINE!

Have you caught the bird photography bug?  I would love to hear from you with any tips and ideas you may have that will help me capture this beauty.  I will be back later this week to share more from my adventures out here in the Black Swamp.

6 thoughts on “I Missed It … or did I?

  1. It is so easy to get addicted to trying to caputure birds through the camera. Good luck to you! Your photos are amazing.

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  3. What lovely cardinal photos you took! Very pretty. Sorry you missed the falcon photo. The only large bird I’ve ever taken a photo of was a heron. Which is rare to see where we are.

  4. Bren the same thing happened to me the other day. I looked out the window and there was a Cooper’s Hawk just sitting in the birdbath, not 10 feet away. Was the camera right there where it usually is? Nope! It was in the other room where I had left it to upload pictures and when I came back, that great big beautiful hawk was gone. So I feel your pain!!

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