2015 Project Orange Thumb Grant Recipients Announced

Orange Thumb Winners 2015 Click this link to see the detailed list of winners : Fiskar Project Orange Thumb.  As a leader in the lawn and garden industry, Fiskars believes in contributing to community gardening and the healthy, sustainable living it provides. Through Project Orange Thumb®, Fiskars awards cash and garden tools to help support community garden goals across […]

I Brought the Snow With me to Atlanta

tumblr_nkay41JlN21qe10cbo1_500 It was an adventure to get here but well worth the travel in winter weather …. I’m in Atlanta this week sharing from the Garden Blogger Conference. I will be sharing from the event on #GBCatl hashtag so be sure to connect using social media.

The Amaryllis That Brightened My Winter

IMG_1083-0.JPG When I first planted this bulb as we rang in the new year I was a little nervous at how long it was taking to show signs of life. After about three weeks it started to sprout some green. I had fun sharing this on my Instagram early in January. Shares From Instagram After the […]

Splash of Color in the Shade Garden

IMG_1105-0.JPG The news is reporting that we may break records in my Ohio garden for the month of February with record lows. Today is a perfect day to reflect on the shade garden from last summer. Come enjoy the photo show I share today on this post.

Growing Cardoon With Online Help

71005Cardoon I bought these cardoon seeds two years ago and never added them to my garden. I think when I purchased them I may have mistaken them for my beloved annual ‘fireworks’.Gomphrena.Today as I sorted seeds preparing for spring sowing I came across them and decided to ask Twitter users if anyone had grown the Cardoon […]

Perfect Valentine’s Day : Attend a Seed Swap!

10934033_10153528490463332_8714701070821323089_n Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine … not just another Hallmark Holiday. I use to love Valentine’s Day as a kid making up cards to give to everyone. This year I’m asking my sweetheart to attend a seed swap with me! Don’t miss the exciting information about a local seed swap going on this weekend along with a photo collection of vintage Valentine’s Cards.

Cutting Garden Journal By Sarah Raven

FullSizeRender(6) My Midwest gardens have featured flowers that can be cut and enjoyed indoors for the past 20 years. I first fell in love with the idea of adding flowers to my garden that could be cut after my sister in law gave me a cuttings to bring home from her beautiful Ohio garden when I was a new home owner. When I received Cutting Garden Journal by Sarah Raven I became even more excited about expanding my cut flower garden.

One Good Bugs in the Landscape

IMG_0288 Knowing good bugs is a great way to avoid using pesticides in your landscape and garden. Recently at the Great Lakes Trade Expo put on by the Michigan Nursery Landscape Association I got to speak with John Stone of the Michigan State University Pesticide Safety Education Program. John brought a rack filled with tubes of […]

Delphiniums : Welcome Bees, Hummingbirds and Summer Smiles

Secone time around - Blooms in Late August This plant ended up being planted right off of my front porch because I knew it would put off long spike blooms of blue that would compliment the Rudbeckia and Echinacea (Coneflower) growing in the same garden. When I purchased the plant it came in a 4 pack from one of my favorite garden center in …. (More)

Think Bees and The Blooms They Enjoy

DSC_7237 Paul was speaking at the Michigan Nursery Landscape Associations on some pretty cool topics including pollinators in the garden. After hearing Paul speak I really got thinking about the blooms bees enjoy in my garden. In this post I share a few of my favorites along with growing tips.

Snow Storm Walk In The Veggie Garden

IMG_0096-0.JPG The storm prediction came pretty quick but the snow system stalled over the Midwest this weekend. The snow started late Saturday and is still falling steady 24 hours later. I’ve been clearing the sidewalks to the mud room, front porch and sun room on and off all day. Just before sunset I took a walk […]

Happy Flower Friday from My Greenhouse

IMG_0437.JPG We have a chance of 10 new inches of snow on the way according to local weather forecast . I guess the farmers were right when I over heard them at the local gas station yesterday when they said ‘winter is just beginning’. The first thing I did when I got home was check the […]